Love and Logic

Love and Logic: A bloke’s guide to commitment

by Simon Hertnon

The relationship guide for real men (and their frustrated girlfriends).

Love & Logic coverNew Zealand paperback ISBN 9780473078829
(Marsilio Press, 2001)
NZ$13.99 $9.99 from Nakedize Book Shop

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“It’s a must-read for all woman with the
mother of all ‘M’ words on their mind
(marriage or mortgage)…”

Next Magazine

“It’s serious advice told in a humorous tone
by a bloke for blokes — but it will open a few
girls’ eyes too.”

Otago Daily Times

“An entertaining yet informative guide to
ensuring you really are ready for marriage.”

Bride & Groom Quarterly

Love & Logic back coverMake the big commitment and we all know it’s a slippery slope: engagement ring, wedding, mortgage, nappies. The end of life as you know it.

Love & Logic
But what do you do when she delivers the dreaded ultimatum and you don’t want to commit or pack your bags?

Girls — Find out why your boyfriend will do just about anything to avoid making a commitment.

Guys — Find out why your girlfriend (and her mother) are always on your case about getting married, and why love and logic just don’t go together.

eBook editions

The Real Man’s Guide to Conquering Commitment Phobia (US edition)
by Simon Hertnon

North American Kindle edition (ASIN B00B1I3G38)
(Marsilio Press, 2013)
US$4.99 $2.99 from Amazon US and CA

The Real Man's Guide to Conquering Commitment Phobia book cover

Love and Logic: A bloke’s guide to commitment (UK edition)
by Simon Hertnon

British Kindle edition (ASIN B00AYVQB8K)
(Marsilio Press, 2013)
GB£2.99 £1.99 from Amazon UK, IN and AU

Love and Logic (UK Kindle edition) book cover

Contents and excerpts

All editions comprise 26 short chapters. Click on the links to read the full text of the first and ninth chapters.

  1. There is a word …
  2. Keeping the M-word off limits
  3. The ultimatum
  4. Love and Logic
  5. The mother of all Catch-22s
  6. Love or Leave?
  7. Lalaland
  8. The long list of doubts
  9. Doubt #1 — It’s not all romantic like it is in the movies
  10. Doubt #2 — I like to keep my options open
  11. Doubt #3 — I’m not sure that I love her
  12. Doubt #4 — I think I can do better
  13. Doubt #5 — We argue
  14. Doubt #6 — I’m sure she wants a big white wedding
  15. Doubt #7 — The prospective in-laws
  16. Doubt #8 — Sex
  17. Doubt #9 — Babies
  18. Doubt #10 — She commits too easily
  19. Horses and carts
  20. It depends on which side of the fence you’re on
  21. What happened to the castle?
  22. Who’d ask a girl to marry him?
  23. Are you really suggesting I pop the question?
  24. The good stuff
  25. A couple of tips for your game
  26. What if she isn’t the one?

Publishing information

Publisher: Marsilio Press (an imprint of Nakedize Limited)
ISBN (NZ paperback): 0473078821
ISBN-13: 9780473078829
ASIN (US eBook): B00B1I3G38
RRP (NZ paperback): NZ$13.99 (new price)
Pages (NZ paperback): 78
Size (NZ paperback): 152mm x 152mm
Markets: Gift / Relationship / Humour
Enquiries: info[at]

Title: Love & logic : a bloke’s guide to commitment / by Simon Hertnon.
Creator: Simon Hertnon
Subjects: Man-woman relationships; Marriage; Commitment (Psychology)
Publisher: Auckland, N.Z. : Marsilio Press
Publication Date: 2001
Format: 78 p. ; 16 cm.
Language: English
Identifier: ISBN0473078821 (pbk.)