Simon Hertnon

photo of Simon Hertnon

Qualifications and experience

I have been writing professionally since completing a BA in Linguistics from Victoria University of Wellington in 1989.

In addition to the publications listed on the books page, I have written dozens of newspaper and magazine columns and articles, and have just completed my first novel, The Julian Calendar (as William Henry).

Through my consulting and teaching work for my company Nakedize, and through previous businesses (including an inbound travel agency, a web design agency, and an online retailer — all sold), I have worked on hundreds of projects and thousands of documents.

I have been an Associate of Victoria University Professional and Executive Development since 2008 and have served on the judging panel of the New Zealand Plain English Awards since 2011. I have also been a member of the Consumer Advisory Group for Southern Cross Hospitals Limited since 2014.

Earlier in my career I worked as a freelance photojournalist and proofreader. I was also fortunate to receive scriptwriting training from South Pacific Pictures.

Interests and pastimes

In addition to my passion for philosophy, I have a keen interest in human needs, history, anthropology, conflict resolution, natural design, and all the storytelling arts.

I enjoy movies, travel, the outdoors, running, cycling, music, reading, cooking, and (rather to my surprise) handyman stuff.


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