Love and Logic excerpt: Chapter 9

Chapter 9 from Love and Logic: A bloke’s guide to commitment

Doubt #1 — It’s not all romantic like it is in the movies

It’s just amazing how many movies include a happily-ever-after relationship. Dramas, comedies, thrillers, action flicks — it doesn’t matter what the genre is, chances are a guy and a gal will meet, fall in love, brave the odds, and live happily ever after.

And this is what you want your relationship to be like but it isn’t so you figure, this isn’t the one, I should wait till it’s like it is in the movies.

I will try to be gentle about this.

Without realising it, I think us blokes tend to think of happily-ever-after movies as training videos for ideal relationships. We certainly all know the drill: the girls are always drop-dead gorgeous and they never have periods; the arguments are only ever silly misunderstandings; there’s always a whole heap of lust and sex and heroism; money’s certainly never a problem; and the guy always gets to keep on playing baseball or whatever it is that floats his boat.

These movies are not training videos. They are movies. They last two hours. So do the relationships.

Rule #1: Happily-ever-after movies have no relevance to real life relationships

They also have no relevance to your commitment dilemma. Get over it.

Next doubt.