The Julian Calendar

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The Julian Calendar

3D image of The Julian Calendar by William Henryby William Henry
eBook: Kindle version

“This is a quiet, intimate novel that draws you in and keeps you engrossed right to its emotionally satisfying, but not pat, end. Highly recommended.” – New Zealand Listener

“Passionate friendship … these two ideas yoked together comprise the mystery and appeal of this story of love redefined and reimagined.” – New Zealand Review of Books

“This work is beautiful … The two voices entwine wonderfully [with] prose that flows like the poetry of music. … I feel blessed to have read this book … get a copy.” – Booksellers NZ
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A bright young photojournalist returns to London with the aim of releasing himself from a profound love affair that has stalled without explanation.

Instead, he is derailed by memories of the secretive nurse who broke his heart, and rejuvenated by a man whose unexpected and intense friendship challenges the fundamental notion of love itself.

The Julian Calendar is Simon’s debut novel under the pen name William Henry.

Can I read an excerpt?
Yes, you can read the first five pages.

Where can I buy this novel in New Zealand?
We are launching this novel slowly, so it may still not have made it to your local bookstore, but just ask for it and they can order it from the distributor. It’s already in stock at (in alphabetical order):

The novel can also be loaned from your local library. If they don’t have it, just ask them to order it.

Can I buy the physical book overseas?
Sorry, not yet. This novel has only been published in New Zealand and while we work to find the right publishers overseas we can only offer to mail you a copy from New Zealand. Email info[at] to find out the cost of posting the book to your country.

But you can now buy the Kindle version of The Julian Calendar from

How can I learn more about the author?
You can explore this web site, which includes an article introducing William Henry. That article also has a link to another article, by Capital Magazine, titled ‘Dear John’, which tells you more about both Simon and the man who inspired the ‘Julian’ character. You can also check out Simon’s William Henry Facebook page.

Does the novel have its own Spotify playlist?
Yes. The ‘Julian’ character is a classical music buff, so the story features a wide array of (mainly classical) music, which you can listen to as you read via the Spotify playlist.

New Zealand publishing information
Publisher: Marsilio Press
Print edition ISBN: 9780958235556 (published: 15 November 2018)
Kindle edition ISBN: 9780958235525 (release date: 12 December 2018)
Format: Trade paperback (228mm x 152mm)
RRP: NZ$34.99
Distribution: Nakedize Distribution