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Tube map of the London Underground subway lines

Book review: A Week in December

A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks A Sunday Telegraph endorsement on the back cover of this novel simply reads: ‘Perfectly constructed . . . a pleasure to read’, and I concur. I loved this...

Capitalism, we have a problem

Capitalism, we have a problem

There is a teeny-weeny problem with capitalism: it’s fundamentally flawed. There, I wrote it. I hope I won’t get thrown in jail. Something about capitalism (defined as ‘an economic system based on private ownership...

Nautilus shell

A theory of universal human needs

Even simpler than Abraham Maslow’s 5-tier Hierarchy of Needs, and Clayton Alderfer’s 3-part ERG Theory, my Theory of Universal Human Needs has just two types of need: survival and betterment. Why we do the things we...