Simon regularly speaks about a range of topics relating to optimal knowledge working and professional development training. You can see a list of talks on the Nakedize web site.

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Public talks

The role of the leader in the production of optimal documents

When leaders become frustrated with the quality of the documents they commission, it is easy to blame the writers rather than the system in which the they work. As Edwards Deming (the father of Total Quality Management) wrote, ‘the performance of anyone is governed largely by the system that he works in’ so, when there are performance issues, we need to address deficiencies in systems and writers alike. Leaders ultimately control systems, and need to learn how to improve the design and management of writing systems as much as writers need to improve writing skills.

Where and when

Victoria University of Wellington logoLeadership Lunchbox Series
Victoria Professional and Executive Development
Wellington, New Zealand
1pm, 24 September 2015




Topics Simon has spoken about at conferences

Healthcare: Improve or Transform?
APAC Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare, 2013, Auckland, New Zealand

The value of clinical trials in a transforming health sector
NZACRes 2013 Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand

Saving lives with plain language
Clarity 2012, Washington DC, United States