Simple frameworks

Diagrams to help us to fulfill our potential

We can’t do our best if we don’t first understand how we tick, then how we ‘hum’. This is why I have spent many years thinking about the essentials of human nature, human needs, and optimal human performance, before distilling my understanding into the simplest of diagrams.

Hertnon's Human Needs Theory iconSimon Hertnon’s Theory of Universal Human Needs
Nakedize Optimal Performance Framework iconThe Nakedize Optimal Performance Framework by Simon Hertnon
Nakedize Optimal Knowledge Working framework iconThe Nakedize Optimal Knowledge Working Framework by Simon Hertnon

You can download the three (free) frameworks from the Nakedize shop.

Frameworks help, because not all variation in human activity is equal

Whilst there is widespread variation in how we humans go about satisfying our needs and achieving our goals, the essential ingredients and recipes are (more or less) universal.

Much of the variation in our actions is desirable: it permits creativity and flair, which isn’t just fun, it is also how we experiment and, ultimately, realise enhancements.

But much of the variation is unwanted: people acting unwisely in ways that preclude them from fulfilling their potential, often through a lack of philosophical knowledge.

My frameworks are for anyone, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Each one is the product of years of consideration, but is fewer than 100 words long. I hope they gift you with sound foundations from which to make wise choices about how to spend your time and energy. But remember, they are frameworks, not scripts: it is up to you to design your own unique collection of choices and actions that amount to contributions you are proud to make.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
—Leonardo da Vinci, painter, engineer, musician, and scientist (1452—1519)