Cinema unanimity

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2 Responses

  1. jannah says:

    hi. im jannah, student from Malaysia. im doing my thesis on human needs, youth behavior. where can i get books/article/ chapter in book written by simon hertnon about this theory? im looking it for my reference. thank you for your concern.

    • Hello Jannah, thank you for your message.

      I am planning to publish a book about my human needs theory, but not till 2018 at the earliest.

      I know my theory has been heavily cited, but I haven’t published an academic article about it. I wanted to keep it simple so anyone can read and understand it. But you can critique it academically. It’s a theory, anyone can prove or disprove it.

      If you have translated the theory into Malaysian, I would be happy to publish the translation on my web site.

      I am sorry I cannot be of more help. Good luck with your thesis. I would welcome the opportunity to read it.

      Kind regards, Simon