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The Julian Calendar by William Henry
3D image of The Julian Calendar by William Henry(Marsilio Press, 2018)
Trade paperback ISBN 9780958235556
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Simon’s debut novel under the pseudonym ‘William Henry’.(Facebook: @WilliamHenryAuthor)

A bright young photojournalist returns to London with the aim of releasing himself from a profound love affair that has stalled without explanation. Instead, he is derailed by memories of the secretive nurse who broke his heart, and rejuvenated by a man whose unexpected and intense friendship challenges the fundamental notion of love itself.

“This is a quiet, intimate novel that draws you in and keeps you engrossed right to its emotionally satisfying, but not pat, end. Highly recommended.”
New Zealand Listener

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Endangered Words: Simon Hertnon’s guided tour of one hundred exceptional rare words
(Marsilio Press, 2015)
Kindle edition ISBN 9780958235501 | ASIN B019HJ3EPM
US$3.99 from Amazon US and CA
GB£2.99 from Amazon UK, IN and AU

Cover of Endangered Words Kindle Edition

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Previously published as both Endangered Words (US paperbacks) and From Afterwit to Zemblanity (UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa first edition hardback), Simon Hertnon’s highly-rated* ‘treasure trove of rich and rare words’ can now be enjoyed on your Kindle reader.

Can you suggest an ‘endangered word’ to be included in the long-awaited sequel, Endangered Words — The second exhibition? Contact Simon if you have a suggestion.

“Hertnon provides a treasure trove of rich and rare words to delight, tantalise and obsess the most compulsive of language obsessives. Lovely stuff.”
Weekend Press

* Rated 4+ stars in Amazon and Goodreads (December 2015).


A personally-guided tour through a gallery of fine words.

Endangered Words: A Collection of Rare Gems for Book Lovers
(Skyhorse Publishing, 2015)
Second US paperback edition ISBN 9781632204530

Endangered Words: A Collection of Rare Gems for Book Lovers
(Skyhorse Publishing, 2009)
First US paperback edition ISBN 9781602397125

From Afterwit to Zemblanity: 100 endangered words brought to life
(New Holland Publishers, 2008)
First edition hardback ISBN 9781869661939
Buy from: Nakedize Book Shop (New Zealand)

    From Afterwit to Zemblanity cover

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The relationship guide for real men (and their frustrated girlfriends).

The Real Man’s Guide to Conquering Commitment Phobia (US edition)
(Marsilio Press, 2013)
North American Kindle edition ASIN B00B1I3G38
Buy from: Amazon US | CA

The Real Man's Guide to Conquering Commitment Phobia book cover

Love and Logic: A bloke’s guide to commitment (UK edition)
(Marsilio Press, 2013)
British Kindle edition ASIN B00AYVQB8K
Buy from: Amazon UK | IN | AU

Love and Logic (UK Kindle edition) book cover

Love and Logic: A bloke’s guide to commitment
(Marsilio Press, 2001)
First edition paperback ISBN 0473078821
ISBN-13 9780473078829
Buy from: Nakedize Book Shop (New Zealand)

Love & Logic cover

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A super-concise writing skills guidebook.

Clear, Concise, Compelling: How to write less and achieve more
(Nakedize Ltd, 2006)
Spiral-bound full-colour first edition ISBN 9780958278409
Buy from: Nakedize Book Shop (New Zealand)

Clear, Concise, Compelling book cover

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An Introduction to Optimal Knowledge Working
(Nakedize Essential Education)
Digital editions: Date to be confirmed
There are hundreds of millions of knowledge workers (people who ‘think for a living’), but no one seems to have clear view of what optimal knowledge working entails. Simon clarifies what optimal looks like for members of the world’s most costly employment sector.
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Clear, Concise, Compelling — 2nd edition
(Nakedize Essential Education)
Simon’s popular writing guidebook updated with 16 pages of new information honed from a decade of teaching his Writing Essentials course for Nakedize Ltd and Victoria Professional and Executive Development.

Par Avion by William Henry
(Marsilio Press)
Can a shy postmaster find a way to protect a secretive recluse from a greedy London barrister and his thuggish associates?

Skills Essentials
(Nakedize Essential Education)
Three core skills simply explained for knowledge workers:

  • thinking skills
  • change (management) skills
  • writing skills

Strategy Essentials
(Nakedize Essential Education)
Three strategy topics simply explained for leaders, managers, and other knowledge workers:

  • systems strategy
  • transformation strategy
  • information strategy

Endangered Words — The second exhibition
(Marsilio Press)

Cover of Endangered Words: the second exhibition

The long-awaited sequel to Endangered Words.

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